Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Well, we thought that all happened a bit too easily!

Everything was going along nicely, I'd started packing a couple of boxes, working on my plans for the move, began making lists and all that good stuff.  Had a valuer from our purchasers' bank come to value our property and then *BAM*! 

We got the call.  Their finance had been declined.

That hurts.

Apparently, when the couple (not) buying our place applied for their Lenders Mortgage Insurance they were found to have a bit of a black mark next to their name due to an old debt that went to collections. They'd paid it out and were okay with the bank, but the LMI mob weren't happy to take them on.  So they've been declined and we're back to square one.

I feel the pain for these guys, it sucks so much worse for them, since they're going to keep coming up against this problem, and the only way around it is to find a cheaper place or come up with an extra $20k before they make an offer on another place.  

We still have three weeks to sell our place, three weekends of home opens, so I'm still feeling confident (just a little miffed).  We've actually got someone coming through the house tonight, so hopefully they just fall in love with it and buy it right away, save us the hassle of home opens.

Ah, the joys ;)

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