Friday, February 14, 2014

Under Offer!

After two homes opens and two private viewings, I am so happy to say we are Under Offer!  I feel like we really lucked out, with the property only being on the market for two weeks and man, am I grateful!  

We went down south for the weekend (our first trip away since Taylor was born!) and were on our way home when we got the call.  Fist pumping and car dancing ensued.

So now we're just waiting for the purchasers to get their official finance approval.  They told our real estate agent that they had a pre approval that expired only a couple weeks prior, so since their circumstances haven't changed, we should be alright from here on out.  I must admit, it was a massive relief.  And a massive wake up call.  This is actually going to happen!  We're actually going to be moving house!  

I've been going pretty hardcore at Pinterest since we accepted the offer - I've got so many ideas, I just want to get in there and get going on redecorating!  But first comes the much dreaded packing stage.  I've collected a few packing boxes, packing tape and newspapers, but am trying to hold myself back from actually putting things in said boxes until we get the official word that the purchasers have their finance approval.

Fingers crossed it doesn't take too long! Let's keep this ball rolling!

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