Thursday, March 6, 2014

Back on Track

Last Friday I had a missed call from our real estate agent (his name is Matt, and since 'Matt' has so many less characters than 'real estate agent' I'm going to refer to him as that from now on).  He hadn't left a message so I assumed he had dialled me by mistake, but I returned his call anyway.

"Hi Matt"
"Hi Tarynnnnn :)"
"What's up?"
"We got an offer!"
"Huh?  From who?"
"A couple of investors that went through your place during the first home open!"
"The offer is for the same amount as the last time"

We hadn't even had a home open since the last offer fell through, so I was absolutely shocked and taken by surprise.  The couple that had placed the offer were going away for the weekend and had only made the offer verbally, so Matt suggested we still have the home open we had booked for that Sunday just in case they reneged over the weekend.  We agreed (although I was dreading cleaning the house all over again) and ended up getting a second couple interested in the place.  They wanted to come back and view the property again, but couldn't get back until later on in the week.  

We hmm'd and haw'd over whether or not to see what their offer would be, but in the end just decided to go with the one we had, considering it was the same amount as last time and we were more that happy with that.  Who knows, we might have been able to get a few extra thousand out of the second couple, but honestly, Joe and I just wanted to get the paperwork signed.  The owners of the house we're purchasing were getting a little hot under the collar after our last offer fell through (they even had a home open over the weekend even though our offer was still within contract), so to save everyone a bucketload of stress we went with the easy option.

So here's hoping it's smooth sailing from here on out!  Matt messaged me earlier today to let me know he's received the deposit from our new purchasers (and it's a large deposit, which makes me feel slightly more comfortable, not sure why) so we're on our way.

Back to Pinterest I go!

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