Thursday, March 13, 2014


We've officially sold our house! Yes!!

I got a call on Thursday from Matt letting us know our purchasers had got their finance approved.  What an absolute relief.  I was pretty sure these guys seemed like they would be smooth sailing, but I guess you just never know so the anxiety was still there a little.  But it's all over - now the real fun begins. And by 'real fun', I mean packing!

I'm one of those weird people that enjoys packing and unpacking - making lists, labeling, organising, wrapping, I love it all.  I've already made some pretty good progress, our front room is lined with boxes all ready to get loaded onto the truck when the day comes (in less than three week, phew!).

Last night I spent a few hours disassembling Taylor's 'meat safe' or safety cot.  Man, what a challenge.  The size of it and the positioning of the doors in our current house mean we could never get it in or out without taking the entire thing apart (believe me, it took us hours of trying to get it in before we admitted defeat and just pulled the damn thing apart).  I really wish I'd taken a couple photos during the process, but it was all hands on deck and it was tricky.  We've decided to sell it, so after I repair a couple of the fly-wire panels, up on it'll go.  I really liked it for Taylor, but our main reason for that style was to protect her from our cat, who incidentally never went near her as a newborn, so we're going to go with a traditional cot next time.

So here's my to do list for the next week:
  • Book moving truck
  • Update address and connections for utilities 
  • Pack knick-knacks and decorative items (almost finished this)
  • Pull everything out of our roof storage (apparently my parents once forgot to take everything they had stored in their roof during a move)
  • Sell Taylor's cot
  • Organise a termite inspection for the new place
  • Put together a 'first night' box so we're prepared when we get to our new home
  • Organise my online store so that I can close for a couple weeks during the move
  • Figure out which furniture is going into which room at the new place so our DIY moving team knows exactly what's going on on the day
  • Get our mortgage docs sorted
  • Rearrange all our direct debits and budget plan
  • Organise insurance for the new house 
  • Meal plan so we get through most of the stuff in our fridge and freezer
Our move is going to be the first week of April, so we've got a lot to do between now and then.  Yay!

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